GoGogate News

  1. Alerts! That extra piece of mind.


    Your GoGogate will notify you when the garage door has been opened or closed. It will also alert you if the door has been left open.

    How it works:
    First time activation requires all users/devices to be within reach of the GoGogate WiFi network.

    1) Download the new GoGogate app 
    2) Open the GoGogate app
    3) Press “Find GoGogate”
    4) Select “Open webpage”
    5) Enter your password and the select “Configuration”
    6) Select “Alerts”

    To enable push notifications for other users connected to your GoGogate system, please ensure that their Smartphone is within range of your home WiFi and follow the above steps.


    You will now receive notifications:

    - If your garage door is open or closed
    - If you have left your garage door open for more than 10m
    (The GoGogate will notify you 2 times that a specific garage door has been left open. First notification after 10 minutes and second notification after 20 minutes of door being opened)
    - You will also know “who” activated your doors (only if done via smartphone)
    - If your doors are open or closed via a computer you will see the name “internet” displayed
    - If your doors are open or closed manually (via push button) you will see “no“ specific indication

    (Available for GoGogate iOS version 1.8 and later & Android version 1.13 and later)

  2. GoGogate in the The High Tech Home

    The home of the future will be connected & controlled by your smart phone, PC & tablet. Gadgets & appliances in key areas from your shower to your yard are already delivering on the future.


  3. New Remote Access interface Video

    Opening your garage doors from anywhere in the world is now easier than ever.

    Update your Gogogate now!

  4. Check out the video here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5Blbct91EM&feature=youtu.be
  5. http://www.amazon.com/GOGOGATE-01W-Garage-Door-Opener-Smartphone/dp/B00EO09NIW
  6. GoGogate in Postscapes



  7. GoGoGate, nueva solución para abrirnos y cerrarnos la puerta del garaje


    GoGoGate va un poco en esa línea y propone una solución que se instala junto al sistema que tengamos actualmente de manera que todo sigue funcionando como hasta ahora pero añadimos la posibilidad de manejar la apertura y cierre del garaje de forma remota con nuestro smartphone. El sistema no tiene por qué limitarse a un garaje, y podemos usarlo con cualquier automatismo que queramos controlar desde nuestro smartphone.


  8. GoGogate - The smart way to open your garage door (…and much more)


    GoGogate is the new and easy way to access your garage door. Thanks to our easy programming technology you will be able to program the device in less than two minutes and it will be installed with only two screw drivers and 15 minutes of your time.

    In addition, this unique device has three modes of use: Garage / Pulse / On&Off. With this app on your Smartphone (iOS / Android) you’ll be operating much more than garage doors! You can open your electric blinds, arm or disarm the alarm or simulate presence by switching the lights on & off while at home, at the office or abroad. This is possible because of our free remote access feature!